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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Are you actually open everyday of the year?

Yes, we are open New Years Eve and Day, Easter, Thanksgiving Eve and Day, Christmas Eve and Day and all Jewish Holidays from 7am-10pm

Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver to the DMV area ranging from restaurants, companies, venues, parties, homes and more

What do you deliver?

We deliver all products that we have available within the store as well as small and large ice orders, dry ice orders and more

Do you have a delivery fee?

Yes, we have a delivery fee. Fees differ depending on location

Do you have dry ice?

Yes, we always have pellets and/or blocks of dry ice ready to be sold for walk-in or delivery

How do I handle dry ice?

Always handle dry ice with care and wear protective gloves whenever touching it. It is harmless if touched briefly, but prolonged contact with the skin will freeze cells and cause injury similar to a burn

Store dry ice in an insulated container. The thicker the insulation, the slower it will sublimate. Do not store dry ice in a completely airtight container

Plan to pick up the dry ice as close to the time needed or have it delivered to your location on the day required. It sublimates at a rate of around 10% every 24 hours, depending upon its insulation. 

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